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Lifein Calne

New to our Lifein publications, we now cover the Calne area, distributing our magazines door to door. Plus, you can read the magazine online.

If you want to discover what’s going on in and around Calne, find out more about local clubs and things to go or advertise your business and make sure everyone knows about you, this is the magazine for you.

Why do we need to vaccinate our pets?
Feb 2020

Vaccinations are needed to protect our pets from nasty, life threatening diseases. By vaccinating your pet you can have peace of mind knowing they have immunity to most of these diseases.

Embrace retirement to the full at Wadswick Green

Feb 2020


Is it time to change your life and move into a new retirement home? Wadswick Green, a modern lifestyle village for the over 60s near Corsham, is home to retirees who are semi or fully retired and want to live an activity-rich life in a friendly community. 

The Podiatrist

Feb 2020

Barry Le Quesne has been a qualified HCPC registered podiatrist for over 20 years and during this time has built up successful businesses in Ludlow and Somerset. 

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