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Lifein Melksham, Chippenham, Corsham and Villages

Covering a selection of the SN postal code areas, LifeIn is available throughout the town and also in the surrounding villages. We distribute through a variety of shops, eateries and supermarkets plus you can also read the magazine online. 


If you want to find or discover what is going on in Melksham, Chippenham, Corsham and villages, find out about local clubs and things to do, advertise your business and make sure that everyone knows about you, this magazine is for you.

Chippenham Folk Festival

Dec 2019

For the past 48 years the town of Chippenham comes alive on the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May. All manner of music, dancing, street entertainers and concerts in the park.


Chapel Vets 

Dec 2019


Whilst we are celebrating the festive season and over-indulging, we need to be extra vigilant of our pets’ safety as festive season also presents a world of hidden dangers to our four-legged friends, from toxic foods to dangerous seasonal plants.

Hartham Park

Dec 2019

Hartham Park released a video telling the story of Corsham during World War One. July saw the opening of the Memorial Woodland to commemorate the 121 servicemen of Corsham who sacrificed their lives serving in the First World War.

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