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Lifein Melksham, Chippenham, Corsham and Villages

Covering a selection of the SN postal code areas, LifeIn is available throughout the town and also in the surrounding villages. We distribute through a variety of shops, eateries and supermarkets plus you can also read the magazine online. 


If you want to find or discover what is going on in Melksham, Chippenham, Corsham and villages, find out about local clubs and things to do, advertise your business and make sure that everyone knows about you, this magazine is for you.

‘Living on the Wild Side’ - Part I

Feb 2020

Every year thousands of wildlife casualties are taken to rescue centres or veterinary practices for treatment, some of which have to be euthanised or cannot be released again due to their injuries.  Wild casualties may be of a similar structure to companion or domestic animals but they demand a completely different strategy in their care and treatment.


Embrace retirement to the full at Wadswick Green

Feb 2020


Is it time to change your life and move into a new retirement home? Wadswick Green, a modern lifestyle village for the over 60s near Corsham, is home to retirees who are semi or fully retired and want to live an activity-rich life in a friendly community. 

The White Hart

Feb 2020


Last month The White Hart celebrated entering its 11th year of business and smashing a 10 year target of raising over £50, 000 for local causes and charities.

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